2021-2022 COVID Information

The ARPS Health Committee (formerly known as the Covid Response Team) continues to meet during this ever-changing crisis, monitoring nearby districts and guidance from the CDC, CDE, and CDPHE. As you can imagine, with daily updates in our nation, working to make decisions based on our community health is a priority for all of us at this time. While recommendations have been made to our Board of Directors, the evolving nature of this health crisis will require us to remain flexible as we plan for the start of the school year and beyond. As our local, state, and federal health departments continue to offer guidance, it is inevitable that our ideas, hopes, and plans for this coming year will vary and change from time to time.
Our ultimate goal is to return to as much of a "normal" school environment as possible for our students, families, and staff, while being conscientious of the health variants and infection rates in our community. The decisions that will be made over the next few weeks may not always be the popular decision for all, but be assured that every aspect is considered as these decisions are made, with the goal to remain on-premise and to continue serving our students and families every day of the week, with as little disruption as possible. Thank you in advance for helping to make this happen. There will be some give and take as we move into this phase of the year, and we appreciate your understanding as we focus our efforts "in the middle" on the social and health spectrum.