Message from the Board President

As the 20-21 school year approaches we want you to be assured that ARPS is doing everything possible to create a SAFE, CLEAN, and HEALTHY environment for our students to learn and teachers to work in.  The ARPS Board made the decision (based on parent and staff survey responses) to return to a five day - traditional schedule.  The board then approved the creation of a Covid Response Team (CRT) months ago with the the purpose of identifying, discussing, and solving issues and challenges related to the unique circumstances that this academic year will include.  There is no playbook or precedent for this situation.

The CRT includes dedicated parents, wonderful teachers, our outstanding administration team, and multiple members of our board.  We are truly trying to identify and anticipate as many potential issues as possible and address them from every perspective within the school, and the CRT has been meeting weekly to draft policy recommendations for the school to adopt.  As these policies and procedures are discussed, developed, and approved they will be communicated out to our community of parents, teachers, students, and staff.

We fully acknowledge that it will be impossible to please everyone all the time, but we are working to create policies and procedures that provide a safe and healthy environment to teach and learn while making fair and reasonable compromises to accommodate and protect the health of everyone in our ARPS family (students, teachers, families, and staff).  We must also accomplish this while remaining compliant with any executive orders from the Governor and adhering when possible to the guidelines and recommendations of the Colorado Department of Education.

Together we are stronger and we will continue to endeavor to work through these issues to make this academic year not only memorable, but truly successful!

Thank you for your support, understanding and commitment to ARPS.

Randy Drennen

President, ARPS Board