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Meet your Principal

Happy Summer Owl Families!
It is hard to believe that summer is winding down so quickly, and a new school year is right around the corner. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to lead Aspen Ridge as your Principal! As a school community, we accomplished great things last year and made the impossible, possible. We are using the momentum of our success to propel us into the 2021-2022 school year by approaching the “new normal” with anticipation and enthusiasm. 
Please help us celebrate over 100 Owls that chose to extend their learning with our Summer Jams program in June. Our outstanding teachers facilitated a successful four-week program, incorporating academics, art, and music. On the last day, we welcomed families into the gym for the first time since March of 2020 for a stellar music performance which provided hope for what is to come in the 2021-2022 school year.  
Class Placements for the 21-22 school year
A vital role we have as educators is to help to create the "perfect" classroom balance for the upcoming school year. We look at MANY factors when we are balancing classes (see below) in order to create the most effective learning environment for each and every student. 
Student behavior and interactions with other students (this takes priority)
Interactions with potential teachers
Learning needs (GT, IEPs, 504s, READ plans, Intervention needs)
Boy/girl ratio
Parent volunteer ratio
Parent input on how their child learns best
As a team, we utilize the expertise of the current classroom teacher and team, our counselor, our enrichment teachers and support staff, our administrators, and the knowledge we’ve gained over prior years. We take into consideration parent input and what friends should be together (or shouldn't), with our main priority being to create a classroom of diversity where students can learn to work together, both academically and socially.
Please keep in mind that due to inevitable changes teacher guarantees are not possible. However, please trust that we are all on the same page, wanting the best for each and every student. Even when the outcome is not exactly as planned, we will provide a solid learning experience for your student. With that said, you will find out who your classroom teacher is when the class lists are posted in August. Thank you for trusting us to take good care of your Owl!
Our staff is working hard to plan and prepare, and we have some exciting additions on the way. I hope all of you take these next few weeks to enjoy all that summer has to offer! We cannot wait to welcome our Owls back on campus in August!
Rachel Miller- Principal