Family Testimonials

I worked in Erie for 3 years before my family and I moved to town.  Even before we moved here I knew I wanted my kids to go to Aspen Ridge.  Not only had I heard wonderful things about the Principal and the teachers but I loved the story of how the school was founded.  Sending our kids to Aspen Ridge is one of the best decisions we have made.  We absolutely love the staff, the small class sizes, the teaching philosophies, and the other families who attend the school.  On top of all of that, we couldn’t be more proud of the way the school navigated Covid.  Not only did they offer parents flexible options for being online or in person but Aspen Ridge is one of the only schools in the area who remained open for full-time, in-person learning the entire school year without interruptions.  This was possible because of the school’s commitment to the students and their families and the parents’ commitment to their children and the school.  None of this could have been easy for the school to navigate but they made it happen because they care deeply about their students.  We are proud to be Aspen Ridge Owls.

Barbour Family-  3 Owls 

We looked at reviews as well as online school rating websites and it came down to three schools, two charter and one public.  We looked at ARPS but to be honest, it wasn't our first pick, however, after reading up more on the school, we definitely put it on the list.  When we arrived, we were given a tour by Carrie and there were two things that stood out at the time; 1) small class sizes and 2) the number of student attending the school was on the smaller size.  One of the main reasons why we liked a smaller school was because teachers/staff would have a better pulse on what is going on with the students (bullying is always a concern). My first real impression was about one month into the school year.  I came to pick them up and I noticed that many of the staff and other teachers were calling our boys by name.  I was blown away and I immediately felt like this school was a family and we weren't a number in the system. The following year, I started to volunteer both in and out of class.  I could see first hand that because of the smaller classrooms, it provided the teacher with more hands-on and if students needed a bit more attention, they had the time and resources.  Helping out at the school, I also noticed great communication between the staff, teachers and administration (they worked like a well oiled machine). A smaller school with regulation size classrooms meant it was easier to implement things like social distancing, shuffling schedules and overall adapting.  When Covid-19 hit, a committee was organized and they worked with the staff, teachers and administration both within the school and the school district.  They were able to implement a program that was a huge success that protected everyone in the school. I was like a proud parent bragging to others that my school was the best.  Every year, I thought my boys teachers couldn't get any better but to my surprise, they did.  I just can't speak highly enough about this school and all the folks that run it.  Hard working, passionate, ambitious, dedicated, loving and easy to approach are just a few words I would use to describe everyone that works at Aspen Ridge.  This was The best decision we ever made when we moved here (five years went by so fast).  ARPS (teachers and staff) are simply Awesome, the Best, the Cream of the Crop!
Yoshimasu Family- 2 Owls

My husband and I are extremely proud that our children are Owls! Aspen Ridge Prep School gives us that private school feel that we were looking for, and is very hard to find, when we moved to Colorado. Small class sizes, uniforms, vibrant teachers, specials classes (art, PE & music) and amazing leadership. ARPS is the best of both worlds……a public school that is allowed a lot more flexibility thanks to being a Charter School run by a strong Board. We love that our children are never lost in the shuffle, known by name, encouraged, supported and challenged to SOAR. It’s always a great day to be an Owl!
Schmitt Family- 2 Owls