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After School Program

Welcome to The Owl’s Nest 2.0! We look forward to having your child(ren) in our care.
Please take the time to review the parent handbook, go through the welcome packet
and complete any forms required for attending The Owl’s Nest. Please understand that
children are not allowed to attend our program if all paperwork is not submitted prior to
their attendance, per state licensing requirements. The Owl’s Nest is an optional paid
child care program run by Aspen Ridge Preparatory School and licensed by the
Colorado Department of Human Services. We are happy to be of service for our ARPS
families any day ARPS is in session.
How to sign up for Owl's Nest 2.0
Step One: Click here to register and pay for your child through Sign-Up Genius. Registration is on a daily basis and is limited to 30 students per day. Payment is required up front prior to attending Owl's Nest. 
Step Two: The Owl's Nest uses an online software system called Sandbox to register students, sign in/out students, as well as keeping updated information regarding students. 
Upon your first arrival to The Owl's Nest, your student(s) will be registered within the Sandbox system and set up with an account. When they are picked up by a parent or guardian, we will make sure all information is set up in your account and ask the parent/guardian to create a 4 digit passcode that will be used to check in/out your student(s). You must use the 4 digit code to check in and out your student(s) every time they are picked up. 
How to Pay for Owl's Nest 2.0
Sign Up Genius is the online program that we will be using to pay for The Owl's Nest. You must pay ahead of time in order to officially secure your spot for any given day. Please understand that if you do not pay upfront, your spot will be immediately forfeited. ( This is to make sure we are allowing as many students as possible the opportunity to use our case.) All signups are final, and there will be no refunds once you have paid. A flat rate of $15.00 will be charged for any amount of time spent at The Owl's Nest/$20.00 will be charged for early release care.
If you have any questions please reach out to Angie Peacock at 
Contact Information for The Owl's Nest
Charla Salmeron (Program Oversight)
720.242.6225 Ext:#6
Abby Bland (Owl's Nest Lead Coordinator)
720.242.6225 Ext.#161 
Angie Peacock (Billing Questions)
720.242.6225 Ext. #403
Owl's Nest Direct Line (3:15pm-6:00pm)
720.242.6225 Ext.#161