Meet Our Head of School

Charla Salmeron
Ms. Salmeron has served as the leader of Aspen Ridge for the past 8 years, both as Principal and Head of School. She has been a consistent as the school has doubled in size, and she has helped to create a strong foundation of skilled educators and operational leaders who keep student growth and success as their focus.
As the Head of School, Ms. Salmeron oversees the implementation of the Board’s Strategic Plan and ensures that both the instructional and operational pieces that create a successful school are implemented with fidelity and consistent with the high expectations she leads with. She believes that all students and staff can be successful with the right supports in place and her attention to detail in creating a warm, welcoming environment are evident as soon as you walk through the doors.
“Aspen Ridge isn’t just a place to send your child 174 days of the year. It’s a close-knit community dedicated to nurturing and growing students and staff into confident, kind, problem-solving members of society. The character of each individual far exceeds the four walls of our school building. We know our Owls are the difference makers and investing our time, passion, and love into each of them is just what we do. This is important work; it’s our legacy.”
Mrs. Salmeron and her husband have three children (the youngest just graduated from high school this past year) and like to spend time hiking, being near the water, and cooking together.