Who We Are

At  Aspen Ridge Preparatory School we are a community of learners that was built BY the community to build UP with community. We are a school that is student centered, a place that is safe for all to learn and grow, and where families are involved, committed, and engaged. 
We are a community of learners. We share innovative thoughts and approaches that support one another, valuing academic excellence, character and individual goals for stakeholders. We understand and value diversity, meeting students where they are, to grow students into valuable and integrated members of the community. 
We are a student centered school where we believe in small class sizes which allow us to meet the needs of each student. At ARPS each student is afforded a personalized education plan, updated annually, to reflect academic and behavioral goals focused on each student's needs. 
School should be a safe place for all to learn and grow. We have a streamlined check in process for all visitors on campus to be identified and cross-checked through the Raptor system. We pride ourselves on our small teacher to student ratio in each class, that allows for strong relationships, everyone at ARPS has a name and being "known";  no one is invisible. 
We are fortunate enough to have families that are involved, committed and engaged in their children's education. With our families we work together to grow our Owls. Our parents volunteer at the school when needed, donate extensively to staff appreciation events, support classroom teachers and "show up" when someone in our community is in need of support.