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Fees and Tuition

Annual Student Fee
Your annual student fee will go to help pay for the following:Revtrak Website Logo
  • Transportation and admission for field trips
  • Annual ARPS T-Shirt
  • Student workbooks
  • Consumable classroom supplies
  • Software licensing for technology programs
  • Specials program materials
$150 per student ($300 maximum per family)
Annual Student Fees are due in full by the first day of school and are considered late by August 31 of each year.
You can pay online through our website or by cash or check to the front office or mailed to the school. 
Please make checks out to "Aspen Ridge Prep School"
All student fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Due to what the fees are used to purchase, Annual Student Fees are not prorated for late enrollment.
Families eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch are also eligible for reduced Fees and Tuition.
To apply for Free or Reduced Lunch, please follow the link below.  Please note that this application process is confidential and handled through the St. Vrain Valley School District and not ARPS:
Preschool Tuition
Preschool is an optional program provided by Aspen Ridge Preparatory School and is 100% funded through tuition paid by participating families.  Tuition is used to pay our wonderful Preschool Staff, and to provide the materials and facilities to give your young one the advantage.  Prompt payment of tuition is essential to the success of the Aspen Ridge Preschool Programs. 
ARPS provides three options to best suite your child, your schedule, and your budget:
3 year-old Preschool Mornings
$246/month  (August - May)          $2,460/year        
4 year-old Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten) Mornings
$318.40/month  (August - May)    $3,184/year
4 year-old Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten) Afternoons
$290.30/month  (August - May)    $2,903/year
Monthly tuition must be paid by the 1st of each month and is considered late by the 11th of each month.  Tuition must be paid on time to ensure continued enrollment in the program.  
If necessary, tuition will be prorated based on annual days attended, and not by month.  If you choose to start the year by paying the annual amount in full, unused tuition will be returned in full if your student has to leave the program.
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Aspen Ridge Preparatory Preschool Programs use an online platform called Sandbox to make tuition payments via credit card.  This is the same program you will use to sign your student in and out each day.  Through Sandbox, you can view your balance, get attendance reports for spending accounts, and even set up our credit card so it is charged monthly without having to worry.  Set it and forget it!  If you aren't set up for automatic payments and would like to be, please contact Mark Ridenour at the contact information below.
Tuition assistance, reduced tuition amounts, and deferred monthly tuition payment plans are available to all families who have fallen on hard times.  To avoid disruption in the enrollment of your student, contact Mark Ridenour / Director of Operations before the last day of the month tuition is due.  
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Angie Peacock/ Business Manager
(720) 242-6225 x 7