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School Supply Lists
Please note that the EduKit order deadline has passed. See below for supply lists by grade, and note that the listed brands are just suggested, not required. Any brand of school supply will be accepted. If you see an item listed twice, this is because one set of the item will be kept in the classroom and the other set will be used in the Art Studio for art classes. Please purchase the total amount requested for that item.

ARPS Handbooks

School Academic Calendar

Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduler
Teachers love to share your student's progress with you during Parent/Teacher Conferences!
    • Click here to schedule your conference through the "Meet the Teacher" system.
    • Click here for the parent guide/instructions on how to schedule your conference.

Annual Student Fees
Student fees are collected annually to help offset materials that students receive and use throughout the year. These include (but are not limited to): consumable supplies (workbooks, equipment), licensing for various online resources, field trips and transportation, and an annual school tee shirt. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
The annual fee for each student is $150. Families with multiple students will pay a maximum of $300 in fees annually. Fees may be paid by cash, check (made payable to ARPS), or through RevTrak and are due by August 18, 2023.

Financial Assistance with Student Fees
If you would like to apply for reduced or waived Student Fees for the 2023-24 school year, please fill out the "Free and Reduced Family Meal Application" through St. Vrain Valley School District. (Even though lunch is provided free of charge for all SVVSD students, the district is still using this form to determine families in need of additional financial assistance.) SVVSD will then provide our Business Office with the list of qualifying families, and your annual fees will be discounted or waived accordingly.
If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at [email protected]

Lunch Menu & Lunch Money
school lunchThe lunch menu for each month is posted in the Parent Portal under "Helpful Parent Links" as soon as it is released from the district. Please note that lunch is free for all students this year. Each morning, students must let their teacher know if they would like to order school lunch for that day. We will then send in our daily lunch order to the district, with no charge to the students.
So, why would your child need lunch money? If your child would like a second serving of lunch, or if they would just like to have a milk or water (without getting a full lunch), they will be charged. Also, middle school students will sometimes have a la carte options (like chips or special drinks) that are not included with the free lunch. If you would like your child to be able to purchase second lunch, a drink, or an a la carte option, please add funds to their lunch account through St. Vrain Nutritional Services at this link, which can also be found under "Helpful Parent Links," above. (If your child had any funds left on their "My School Bucks" account from last year, they will be transferred over to their SVVSD lunch balance.)

ARPS Spirit Wear
Interested in purchasing Aspen Ridge spirit wear? Our Spirit Store is open year round! Place your order during the first three weeks of each month and your order will be available for pickup at the Front Office during the first week of the following month. Please note that each order is custom made, so returns and exchanges are not available. Thank you for supporting Aspen Ridge and showing your school spirit! Click here to shop today.

Driveline: Everything You Need to Know

Please see the Driveline map and schedule linked below in the ARPS Driveline Procedures document. This should have everything you need to know to have a smooth experience in Driveline. When you arrive at school, you will show your Driveline number (provided by the school) to the staff member on Driveline duty. It will be entered into the Driveline app, and your child’s teacher will be notified that you have arrived in either Front or Back Driveline. Your child will then be dismissed from the classroom and sent to your car.

If you want to skip the drop-off and pick-up lines for even a day or two a week, consider signing up with SchoolPool to connect with other families that are interested in carpooling to Aspen Ridge. This secure system connects you with families in your neighborhood to share in the responsibilities of getting the kids to school and back via carpooling, walking, or biking together. It’s a great way to gain support and a sense of community while getting some much-needed school transportation help in return.


If you’re interested in joining SchoolPool and would like the registration link for Aspen Ridge, please contact Celine Todd at [email protected].

Band Instrument Rental
Band at Aspen Ridge is an extracurricular activity for 5th Graders and an elective course for Middle School. All beginners, 5th - 8th, will meet after school once a week. This program teaches students to play instruments from the symphonic band including clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion (xylophone/drum).

Uniforms at Aspen Ridge

View the Parent/Student Handbook above for our uniform guidelines. You can find great options at:

Erie UpLink
AErie Uplinkspen Ridge is proud to be a partner school of Erie UpLink. Erie UpLink is a charitable organization committed to linking Erie families with resources to fulfill their basic life needs, including connecting Erie families with opportunities to be of service to one another. 
If you or someone you know is in need of Erie UpLink's resources, click here to learn more about their programs. To register to receive Tiger Packs, click here. Tiger Packs contain kid-friendly, nonperishable food items and are delivered to the students’ doorsteps once per month on the Wednesday prior to school breaks to help bridge the food gap for those kids who normally receive free breakfast and lunch at school.