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COVID Information Page

Thank you for your continued partnership as we navigate the increasingly complex, shifting, and challenging coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few months, the COVID Response Committee and the Aspen Ridge Board of Directors  have been following the guidelines and updates of the Center for Disease Control, Colorado Department of Education, Colorado Department of Health and Environment and Weld County Health Department. The Aspen Ridge COVID Response Committee will continue to  re-evaluate the status of the coronavirus data, including the number of cases, positivity rate percentages, and more. Our mission is to provide a choice of in person learning and online learning for our students and ensuring safety and success for our school. 
Confirmed Cases at Aspen Ridge:    13
*Confirmed positive cases count staff and students who have entered the facilities after having contracted COVID-19 and does not include students in the VIP program*
Facilities Update
Our operations and custodial teams are working hard to ensure the school is clean and sanitized. Take a look at some of the fun updates we've made around the school. For more information about what Aspen Ridge is doing to keep the school safe click here
  1. Special disinfectant equipment and disinfectant that is a proven COVID killer
  2. Increased sanitization in classrooms and nightly cleaning
  3. Increased outside airflow through HVAC system
  4. Upgrade to hospital- grade filters in HVAC system
  5. Stand-alone air purifiers in each room
  6. Ionizers attached to the HVAC system for air sanitization